Liverpool surpassed MU to top the greatest championship ranking

Liverpool have surpassed MU to win first place in the rankings of the greatest Premier League championships.

Liverpool overcame MU to become the team to win the greatest Premier League title. This is the result of an election held by Sky Sport today after Liverpool won their first Premier League title for the first time.

Up to now, about 3,900 readers have chosen Liverpool to lead the rankings of the greatest English Premier League championships. The championship this season of Klopp’s teachers and students was scored higher than the second title of MU in the 2007/08 season, with 2,400 votes.

Ranked 3rd is the championship with Arsenal’s unbeaten record in the 2003/04 season, with about 2,100 votes.

Of course, every election will be controversial and this time is no exception. Many Man City fans are annoyed when the spectacular comeback of this team against Liverpool in the 2013/14 season only ranked last.

Similarly, Man City’s dramatic victory over MU in the 2011/12 season only ranked last. Meanwhile, Leicester’s tinted championship title in the 2015/16 season is ranked 5th on this list.

Liverpool had to wait for 30 years to wear out. But this Liverpool championship is more convincing than any other title. The team of coach Jurgen Klopp won the Premiership title at the earliest history, 7 rounds earlier.  

Since the beginning of the season, Liverpool have only dropped three times, including 2 draws MU, Everton and Watford defeat.

Now, Liverpool are aiming to break the championship record with Man City’s highest score, 100 points. Currently, the new Premier League king has 86 points and they need to win at least 15 points out of a maximum of 21 points in the last 7 rounds to set a new record.

Sky Sport fans rank the Premier League championships 

Liverpool 2019/20 –4,100 votes

MU 2007/08 – 2,600 votes

Arsenal 2003/04 – 2,300 votes

MU 1998/99 – 2,200 votes

Leicester 2015/16 – 1,400 votes

MU 2008/09 – 1,300 votes

MU 1999/00 – 1,200 votes

Chelsea 2004/05 – 1,100 votes

MU 2002/03 – 1,100 votes

MU 2012/13 – 1,100 votes

MU 2000/01 – 1,100 votes

MU 1992/93 – 1,100 votes

MU 2006/07 – 986 votes

MU 1993/94 – 962 votes

MU 1996/97 – 948 votes

MU 2010/11 – 932 votes

MU 1995/96 – 920 votes

Man City 2017/18 – 732 votes

Chelsea 2005/06 – 655 votes

Man City 2018/19 – 609 votes

Arsenal 2001/02 – 595 votes

Chelsea 2009/10 – 572 votes

Arsenal 1997/98 – 542 votes

Chelsea 2016/17 – 530 votes

Chelsea 2014/15 – 489 votes

Blackburn Rovers 1994/95 – 476 votes

Man City 2011/12 – 358 votes

Man City 2013/14 – 272 votes

Pogba and Fernandes, a couple full of debt

Contrary to the worries of fans, Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes quickly showed that they were a couple of “debtors”.

There was an opinion that MU should put Pogba on the transfer floor after having Fernandes. Because of his special personality, the French midfielder can hardly create a happy “marriage” with Fernandes.

However, contrary to the worries of fans, Pogba and Fernandes have shown that they are a couple of debtors. 

The “marriage” between the world’s top two midfielders was first tested for fire in the last 30 minutes of the 1-1 draw with Tottenham. At Tottenham Stadium, Pogba earned an 11-meter goal to help Fernandes grab a point for the “Red Devils“.

A few days later, the perfect combination of Pogba and Fernandes in midfield is the launch pad for Anthony Martial to flourish with a hat-trick, engulfing annoying opponent Sheffield United. 

By the match against Norwich last night, the French midfielder and former Sporting Lisbon player continued to have the same coordination as the ball for more than 40 minutes playing together. 

Before Pogba was launched in the 78th minute, Fernandes could not find a familiar partner to support, distribute the ball and showed little creative role. Consequently, MU encountered many difficulties in penetrating the Norwich defense. 

The perfect combination of Pogba with Fernandes is helping coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer be very optimistic with future plans. Now he can put aside concerns Pogba and Fernandes stomped on each other in the “Red Devils” squad.

In fact, Pogba and Fernandes can perfectly pair together. If the Norwegian strategist wants to use a three-man midfield, it could be Pogba, Fernandes and Scott McTominay. 

In the case of MU playing with 4 midfielders, Pogba and McTominay will assume the role of central midfielder, while Fernandes jumps up right after the two forwards.

Total goals scored by Ronaldo and Messi in World Cup history

Update the total goals of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in World Cup history.

Ronaldo and Messi are the two players who have dominated the global playing field for over a decade. Together, they both won 11 Golden Balls and scored nearly 1,500 goals. In particular, El Pulga is only less than CR7 once tearing the opponent’s net (724 versus 725).

At the World Cup arena, Ronaldo and Messi have participated in four times, including 2006, 2010, 2014 and 2018. Unfortunately, the Barca striker and striker who is playing for Juventus has never once joined the national team to the top of glory.

Tổng số bàn thắng của Ronaldo và Messi trong lịch sử World Cup

At his first appearance in 2006, Messi scored a goal in Argentina’s 6-0 triumph over Serbia & Montenegro. Ronaldo did the same, when “shooting” set Portugal’s 2-0 victory over Iran.

At the 2010 World Cup, El Pulga was suddenly silent, while CR7 scored 1 goal. 4 years later in Brazil, Messi exploded with 4 goals, helping Argentina to the final. Like the previous two World Cups, Ronaldo proved unfortunate when only once tore the opponent’s net.

In contrast to the 2014 World Cup, at the largest football festival on the planet 2 years ago, Ronaldo competed. The Juventus player has 4 goals, 3 of which are against Spain. Meanwhile, Messi scored only 1 goal against Nigeria.

Thus, through 4 World Cups, the superstar duo scored a total of 13 goals (Messi 6, Ronaldo 7). Of course, that number doesn’t stop when Ronaldo and Messi are expected to shine at the 2022 World Cup.

Tổng số bàn thắng của Ronaldo và Messi trong lịch sử World Cup

Statistics of matches Messi scored:

June 16, 2006: Argentina vs Serbia & Montenegro: 6-0 (1 goal)

June 15, 2014: Argentina vs Bosnia: 2-1 (1 goal)

June 21, 2014: Argentina vs Iran: 1-0 (1 goal)

June 21, 2014: Argentina vs Nigeria: 3-2 (2 goals)

June 26, 2018: Argentina vs Nigeria: 1-0 (1 goal)

Statistics of Ronaldo matches scored:

June 17, 2006: Portugal vs Iran: 2-0 (1 goal)

June 21, 2010: Portugal vs North Korea: 7-0 (1 goal)

June 26, 2014: Portugal vs Ghana: 2-1 (1 goal)

June 15, 2018: Portugal vs Spain: 3-3 (3 goals)

June 20, 2018: Portugal vs Morocco: 1-0 (1 goal)

Chelsea must sell 6 players to buy 4 expensive stars

Chelsea need to buy 3 more stars after having Ziyech, but they must also sell at least 6 players to make these costly expenses.

Chelsea paid £ 37 million to buy winger Hakim Ziyech from Ajax and now proceed to complete the transfer of Timo Werner from Leipzig for a fee of £ 53 million.

Coach Frank Lampard was also given the green light by the club’s management team for Leverkusen’s attacking midfielder Kai Havertz and Leicester full-back Ben Chilwell.

If you make all the contracts, the spending of the Blues in the summer can be up to nearly 250 million pounds. But this cost will be partially offset by the liquidation of surplus players.

Emerson Palmieri, Davide Zappacosta, Tiemoue Bakayoko, Michy Batshuay, Daniel Drinkwater, and Victor Moses all know that they are not in Lampard’s plan.

The player Chelsea can earn the most is Bakayoko, who spent the club 40 million pounds 3 years ago.

Bakayoko is earning £ 110,000 a week and can go to AC Milan on a permanent deal after having spent a season on loan here. Of course, the Blues have a significant discount for this midfielder.

Left-back Emerson is also likely to come to Italy while being the target of both Juventus and Inter Milan. However, selling right-back Zappacosta is more difficult when he is recovering from a long-term injury.

Similarly, the value of Drinkwater has dropped compared to when it was purchased from Leicester for £ 35 million. Chelsea certainly have to accept heavy losses to get rid of players who no longer have any role for the team.

In the strikers, Batshuayi is also on his way out as only an option after Werner, Tammy Abraham and Olivier Giroud.

In the case of Moses, Chelsea may have to reduce the price of 10 million pounds for Inter Milan to buy off as an option after a loan season.

Did Ronaldo miss any individual awards since leaving Real Madrid?

Cristiano Ronaldo has missed a lot of individual awards since leaving Real Madrid to switch to Juventus from the summer of 2018.

Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid to switch to Juventus from the summer of 2018. After that, he helped the Bianconeri successfully defend the Serie A championship and win the Italian Super Cup 2018.

The Portuguese striker himself also received the Player of the Year award in the 2018/19 season. But that is all Ronaldo receives after nearly 2 years playing in Italy.

This achievement is much worse than the time CR7 played for Real Madrid. The Portuguese striker has reaped countless individual awards, notably four Golden Balls, the most prestigious individual award.

But after Ronaldo moved to Juventus, the Golden Ball 2018 was awarded to Luka Modric, another Real Madrid player who won the Champions League and led the Croatia team to the World Cup final. Then the Golden Ball 2019 belonged to Lionel Messi. Similarly, Modric and Messi are also the two closest players to win The Best of FIFA.

In the European Player of the Year award, Ronaldo won for the last time in 2016/17 and lost in the last two seasons after parting with Real Madrid. During this time, the honor goes to Modric and Van Dijk.

Since moving to Juventus, Ronaldo has not won the European Golden Shoe, a prize he received three times with Real Madrid.

In addition, Ronaldo also had up to 6 times the top scorer in the Champions League in Real Madrid but he failed the season before Juventus stopped in the quarter-finals.

Now, Robert Lewandowski is leading both races for the European Golden Boot and the European Cup Top Scorer with a great distance from Ronaldo.

Even Ronaldo could not win in the Serie A top scorer race after Fabio Quagliarella last season. Now, the Juventus striker is also 6 goals behind Ciro Immobile this season.

What will the squad be like if Saul Niguez is recruited?

MU have contacted Saul Niguez as a top transfer target this summer. If successful, Solskjaer coach can be classified into 3 different options.

Saul with diagrams 4-3-3

MU has operated this diagram regularly since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took over and it’s easy to understand why Saul will be given a position in that system.

Atletico Madrid midfielder will then play the role of a left midfielder, becoming an ideal element to cooperate with Paul Pogba, while Bruno Fernandes is free to play more attacking.

Saul will need to perform a lot of defensive work if deployed in such a scheme, especially when this squad is too prone to attack.

Saul with a 4-4-2 diagram

Solskjaer has had a lot of experience with this scheme since he was playing under Sir Alex Ferguson. So, he can test it out for himself if he has an outstanding right-winger in the summer.

MU currently has many options on the left of midfield, but it’s fair to say that no one else has the quality defensive ability like Saul.

At Atletico Madrid, coach Diego Simeone frequently uses this squad in major European Cup matches with Saul deployed on the left. It seems to be a suitable choice for MU when meeting strong opponents.

Saul with diagrams 3-5-2 

This is a scheme that Solskjaer often likes to switch to during difficult matches and it is also suitable for Saul.

The Spanish midfielder’s flexibility helps him transform into a left-winger or move into play as a central midfielder.

With one more center-back in the squad, Saul will reduce his defensive responsibilities in midfield. Therefore, this scheme may suit you best out of the 3 options on the squad.

Top 5 best players in the world of all time

Recently, the world’s leading prestigious football magazine Fourforurtow has published a list of the best players in the world of all time.

Almost all the greatest football legends on the list of the Top 5 best players of all time such as Cryfff, Pele, Maradona, … and the presence of both world superstars Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi. But, surely you will be surprised by the order of the best players in the world all the time below.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo

One of the two players playing in the top 5 of all time players is none other than Ronaldo. At the age of 32, superstar Ronaldo has owned 4 Ballon d’Or titles, 22 other big and small titles, and a series of collective and individual records.

Cristiano Ronaldo is currently ranked 5th in the top 5 of the world’s best players of all time thanks to his rare talent.

4. Johann Cruyff

With great contributions both on and off the pitch, Johan Cruyff is the legend of Barcelona, ​​the Netherlands, and Ajax.

In the top 5 of the best players of all time, Johan Cruyff is currently ranked in 4th place.

3. Pele

All have been shown through the name Soccer King Pele. He started playing football at the age of 15 and when he was 17, Pele won the World Cup with Brazil. Pele has won the World Cup with three teams in the World Cup, scoring the most goals in the world (1281 goals in 1362 matches), and the top scorer of the Brazilian team.

In the top 5 of the best players of all time, Pele ranked 3rd.

2. Lionel Messi

In the top 5 of the best players of all time, Messi is ranked 2nd. He is the player who won 5 unique Ballon d’Or championships, including 4 consecutive years from 2009 to 2012. Getting At the age of 14, Messi started playing for Barceloa and since then, he has had more than 500 goals scored in this club’s shirt: the player who has scored the most goals in one season. , the most assistive player and scored many goals in La Liga, Messi and Argentina in 3 consecutive finals but still not champions.

1. Diego Maradona

Among the top 5 best players in the world of all time, the highest position belongs to Diego Maradona. Maradona possesses super talented talent and was honored as the greatest player in football history in the world. Maradona contributed immensely to bringing Napoli to Serie A in 1987 and 1990, and Argentina won the 1986 World Cup.

Liverpool were mocked by their opponents for the “Crystanbul” match

Liverpool were ridiculed by Man City fans with a video related to the 3-3 draw with Crystal Palace when they lost the championship six years ago.

Liverpool stumbled in the final weeks of the 2013/14 season, including losing to Chelsea 0-2 at home on April 27, before drawing a 3-3 draw with Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park a week later.

Liverpool bị đối thủ chế giễu về trận “Crystanbul” khi mất chức vô địch

Liverpool of Brendan Rodgers coach at the time lost his first Premier League title with a gap of 2 points. That’s because rival Man City came to the throne after winning all the last 5 matches.

This outcome was truly bitter for Liverpool and especially painful for Steven Gerrard, who was known for his fall in a defeat to Chelsea that was defined as the moment of throwing everything away.

However, letting the Palace draw 3-3 on 5/5/2014 also made The Kop pay the same price as Chelsea.

Liverpool at the time had 3 points more than Man City, the team had a match in hand. But a 3-3 draw means they are just one point ahead of Pellegrini’s team – with a goal difference of +50 to +59 – and need a miracle to win the championship.

In this match, 3 goals from Joe Allen, Damien Delaney (own goal) and Luis Suarez gave the visitors a 3-0 lead, a seemingly irreversible outcome.

Liverpool bị đối thủ chế giễu về trận “Crystanbul” khi mất chức vô địch

But Delaney’s equalizer in the 79th minute left Liverpool dizzy and continued to concede twice more slowly Dwight Gayle in the last 10 minutes.

To mark the 6th anniversary of the match called the “Crystanbul” (alluding to Liverpool’s comeback against Milan in the C1 Cup in Istanbul), the Man City fan’s Twitter @City_Xtra posted a humorous video, a little cruel phase about that fateful evening of Liverpool.

Tom Grennan holding MU lost to Alexander-Arnold’s Liverpool in the FIFA 20 Premier

Singer Tom Grennan could not help MU overcome Liverpool in the virtual tournament called ePremier League invitational on the FIFA 20 game platform.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted football life, most tournaments have been either cancelled or postponed indefinitely. To help NHM alleviate the nostalgia of the exciting atmosphere of the English Premier League, the Premier League has just organized a “virtual” tournament called Premier League invitational on the FIFA 20 gaming platform.

The FIFA 20 Premier League has the participation of 20 teams participating in the highest tournament in the foggy country. Except for MU and Arsenal have signed image contracts with Konami, the PES 20 game, representatives of the remaining 18 clubs are all players.

Different from the 2-round round format in the actual tournament, FIFA 20 Premier League takes place in the knockout format, representatives of the teams will only play 1 match to choose the winner for the next step. next round.

The most awaited match in the first qualifying round is singer Tom Grennan (who controls MU) against Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool). Despite the successful first half with overwhelming situations, Tom Grennan could not stand the effective handling situations that Trent Alexander-Arnold showed.

In the end, Tom Grennan lost to Trent Alexander-Arnold 1-5. According to the split results, Trent Alexander-Arnold will pair Christian Atsu, who holds Newcastle in the quarterfinals.

The FIFA 20 Premier League will end on April 25. All proceeds from this tournament will be used to support the UK’s COVID-19 anti-epidemic fund.

FIFA 20 Premier League qualifying results (April 21 – April 23)

John McGinn (Aston Villa) vs Neal Maupay (Brighton): 1-6

Josh Franceschi (Arsenal) vs Nathaniel Chalobah (Watford): 4-3

Dwight McNeil (Burnley) vs Ryan Fredericks (West Ham): 3-2

Philip Billing (Bournemouth) vs Angus Gunn (Southampton): 4-0

Raheem Sterling (Man City) vs Wilfried Zaha (Crystal Palace): 5-4

Tom Grennan (MU) vs Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverppol): 1-5

Reece James (Chelsea) vs Andre Gomes (Everton): 0-8

Moussa Sissoko (Tottenham) vs Christian Atsu (Newcastle): 1-2

Diogo Jota (Wolves) vs. Wilfred Ndidi (Leicester): 8-2

Todd Cantwell (Norwich) vs. Lys Mousset (Sheffield Utd): 2-6

Neal Maupay (Brighton) vs. Philip Billing (Bournemouth): 4-2

Josh Franceschi (Arsenal) vs. Dwight McNeil (Burnley): 1-3

Quarterfinal schedule of FIFA 20 Premier League (24/4)

Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool) vs Christian Atsu (NEW)

Neal Maupay (Brighton) vs Dwight McNeil (Burnley)

Diogo Jota (Wolves) vs Lys Mousset (Sheffield Utd)

Andre Gomes (Everton) vs Raheem Sterling (Man City)

Guardiola’s Barca youth team is the only one remaining in the first team?

The Barca youth team, led by coach Pep Guardiola, has only one player remaining in the first team of the Catalan club.

Coach Pep Guardiola once achieved great success during the lead of the Barca team, bringing to the traditional room 14 titles in just 4 seasons at the Nou Camp.

Success in this period has the great contribution of the mature players from La Masia training furnace. However, Guardiola can only help some of the hard-working players in the Barca youth team to be promoted to the first team and also has a single player who has survived to the present time.

In the only season that led the Barca B youth team, Guardiola worked with 28 players, but only four of them impressed the first team, Sergio Busquets, Perdo, Thiago Alcantara and Jonathan dos Santos.

In particular, Busquets is the only player remaining in the first team Barca. The Spanish midfielder has 369 appearances and has played an almost irreplaceable role in the past 12 years. He won 29 titles, including 8 La Liga championships and 3 C1 Cups.

Thiago Alcantara left Barca in 2013 to make a name for himself at Bayern Munich. A year later, Jonathan dos Santos also left to search for success in Villarreal and now LA Galaxy. In 2015, it was Pedro’s turn to part ways with Barca because he could not get into the trio of Messi – Suarez – Neymar.

The fate of 28 students of coach Pep Guaridola in the Barca youth team

Football playerLocationNumber of kicks for the first team BarcaCurrent club
Sergio BusquetsMidfielder369Barca
Thiago AlcantaraMidfielder68Bayern Munich
Jonathan dos SantosMidfielder14LA Galaxy
Jeffren SuarezStriker22Slaven Belupo
Iago FalqueStriker0Genoa
Emilio GuerraStriker0Retired
Sergio UrbanoStriker0Lusitanos
Alex BolanosMidfielder0Retired
Victor SanchezMidfielder8Espanyol
Victor VazquezMidfielderfirstUmm Salal
Xavi TorresMidfielder2Al-Arabi
Abraham GonzalezMidfielderfirstAEK Larnaka
Jose Manuel RuedaMidfielderfirstOlimpic Xativa
Daniel ToribioMidfielder0Racing Santander
Assulin thornMidfielder0Iasi Politehnica
Dimas DelgadoMidfielder0Bengaluru
David CorcolesMidfielder0Vilamarxant
Victor EspasandinMidfielder0Pobla Mafumet
Eneko FernandezMidfielder0Retired
Chico FloresDefender0Fuenlabrada
Jeffrey HoogervorstDefender0Retired
Marc ValienteDefender0Sporting Gijon
Alberto BotiaDefenderfirstAl-Wehda
Oier OlazabalGoaliefirstEspanyol
Pau TorresGoalie0Lleida Esportiu
Daniel PlancheriaGoalie0Retired