Pogba and Fernandes, a couple full of debt

Contrary to the worries of fans, Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes quickly showed that they were a couple of “debtors”.

There was an opinion that MU should put Pogba on the transfer floor after having Fernandes. Because of his special personality, the French midfielder can hardly create a happy “marriage” with Fernandes.

However, contrary to the worries of fans, Pogba and Fernandes have shown that they are a couple of debtors. 

The “marriage” between the world’s top two midfielders was first tested for fire in the last 30 minutes of the 1-1 draw with Tottenham. At Tottenham Stadium, Pogba earned an 11-meter goal to help Fernandes grab a point for the “Red Devils“.

A few days later, the perfect combination of Pogba and Fernandes in midfield is the launch pad for Anthony Martial to flourish with a hat-trick, engulfing annoying opponent Sheffield United. 

By the match against Norwich last night, the French midfielder and former Sporting Lisbon player continued to have the same coordination as the ball for more than 40 minutes playing together. 

Before Pogba was launched in the 78th minute, Fernandes could not find a familiar partner to support, distribute the ball and showed little creative role. Consequently, MU encountered many difficulties in penetrating the Norwich defense. 

The perfect combination of Pogba with Fernandes is helping coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer be very optimistic with future plans. Now he can put aside concerns Pogba and Fernandes stomped on each other in the “Red Devils” squad.

In fact, Pogba and Fernandes can perfectly pair together. If the Norwegian strategist wants to use a three-man midfield, it could be Pogba, Fernandes and Scott McTominay. 

In the case of MU playing with 4 midfielders, Pogba and McTominay will assume the role of central midfielder, while Fernandes jumps up right after the two forwards.