Predict the match result Liverpool vs West Brom

Liverpool has a great opportunity to cut tail to competitors when coach Jurgen Klopp only has to welcome weak opponent West Brom in round 15 of the Premier League.

On the night of last night, the good news came to Liverpool fans when two direct competitors with The Kops in the race to the championship, Leicester and Man Utd, held each other with a score of 2-2. In addition, Chelsea also failed to face the crisis team Arsenal at Emirates Stadium.

That is a favorable condition for coach and coach Jurgen Klopp towards the winter championship to be the hinge for the rest of the season. Liverpool are currently at the top of the table and the distance between them and the second ranked team Everton is 2 points, but the Anfield team has yet to play in the 15th round.

While the Tourmalet with many other big guys in the Premier League is a real nightmare, Liverpool is the name at leisure. They have the largest number of days off between games and also play the least amount of games during this period. In the next week, Liverpool will take turns facing weaker opponents West Brom, Newcastle and Southampton.

The defending champions’ journey to overcome difficulties will begin tonight as they only host West Brom at home. This is the match with the biggest difference in round 15. The guests are ranked in the penultimate position on the standings with exactly 1 victory since the beginning of the season. In addition, this showdown will also see the strongest attacker (Liverpool scored 36 goals) with the second worst defense (West Brom has received a total of 29 goals) of the Premier League at this time.

At the end of last week, live football viewers saw Liverpool show off the strength with a “7-star” victory on the level of nasty rival Crystal Palace. So is there any reason to believe that West Brom will not receive a similar outcome at Anfield tonight?

Prediction of football results: Liverpool 4-0 West Brom.