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Newcastle – MU press conference: What did coach Solskjaer say about Pogba – Maguire? (Part 1)

┬áBefore the match at St James’s Park, coach Solskjaer spoke about the future of Pogba and the disastrous performance of Maguire.

The future of Pogba & the style of Maguire

After Paul Pogba had hinted that he wanted to move to Real Madrid, coach Solskjaer immediately declared: “Paul is our player, he will stay here for 2 years and will focus on his dedication We do our best for the team. We want to see the best from Paul. In the following years, I am sure MU will see his best performance. “

Maguire – Pogba

Meanwhile, the Norwegian strategist is determined to protect Maguire even though the player is having the most unforgettable days in his career: “One day Harry could help England beat Belgium. But at a time. Another, he got sent off and the team lost. Football is like that, there are many ups and downs and you need to face it.

Determined to decode “Shots”

Exactly 1 year ago, MU lost to Newcastle with the only goal scored by Longstaff. Therefore, the Norwegian military leader hopes another scenario will occur: “Last year, it was a disappointing game. We should have won but almost the whole team did not react after the goal. “Now we have to get 3 points from a bad start. The results are important, all players will have to be determined to win and the goal is the points.

“Red Devils” towards unity

After the sad results, the Norwegian strategist hopes the team will unite in difficult times, as Bruno Fernandes said: “Leave the past behind and overcome it as soon as possible. We know there are a lot of outside forces that want to make a divide. I think Bruno is right because the whole team needs to unite at this point, at the same time let everything be ignored.