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Thiago Silva officially arrives at Chelsea, can he start the Premier League in time?

As expected, Chelsea’s 5th rookie was officially announced. Brazilian star Thiago Silva will sign a one-year contract with the option to extend a year at Stamford Bridge.

The Chelsea homepage has officially confirmed the successful recruitment of Thiago Silva in a free transfer. However, the Brazilian player, after arriving in London, had to do a 14-day quarantine, so he only joined “The Blues” from September 12 – the day the Premier League started.

In the opening round of the Premier League 2020/21, Chelsea will have a trip as a guest on Brighton, and Thiago Silva will probably have a difficult chance to play from the beginning because of many reasons related to fitness and integration. Coach Frank Lampard certainly wants the most energetic players to participate in this match to win all 3 points.

It is known that the contract between Thiago and Chelsea will have a term of 12 months with the option to extend one more year. Of course this also depends on how Thiago plays out.

During the signing ceremony, Thiago Silvao excitedly shared. “’I am happy to join Chelsea. I’m excited to be a part of Frank Lampard’s squad next season. I came here to challenge titles. See you with Chelsea fans and look forward to playing at Stamford Bridge soon. “

Meanwhile, CEO Marina Granovskaia believes Thiago Silva’s valuable experience and qualities will be of great help to the team.

Although at the age of 35, the Brazilian defender still shows an amazing ability to maintain a stable form. That is also the reason that helps him become “hot” in the summer transfer market. Joining PSG from AC Milan in 2012, Thiago Silva has so far established a glittering career at the Parc des Princes.

Thiago Silva will become Chelsea’s fifth quality rookie this summer, behind Hakim Ziyech, Timo Werner, Ben Chilwell and Malang Sarr. However, this is still not the final Blues contract. After acquiring the Brazilian star, Chelsea will focus on completing the biggest deal in history when recruiting Kai Havertz of Bayern Leverkusen. The price to help Chelsea own Havertz is expected to be around 100 million euros.

The first blockbuster of the Premier League: Willian officially moved to Arsenal

After much speculation, Arsenal finally officially announced the successful recruitment of famous winger Willian from the great rival Chelsea.

On the afternoon of August 14, on its homepage, Arsenal officially announced the successful recruitment of Willian from a great rival with London – Chelsea. In the latest announcement, “The Gunners” gave fans the good news with the headline: “Welcome Willian! Brazilian player joining Arsenal”.

"Bom tấn" đầu tiên của Ngoại hạng Anh: Willian chính thức sang Arsenal - 1

Along with that, Arsenal confirmed that the 32-year-old player has signed a 3-year contract with the Emirates Stadium team, starting from the upcoming 2020/21 season.

Willian joined Mikel Arteta’s team on a free transfer after Chelsea did not accept the request to extend a 3-year contract but only wanted to sign a contract for another 2 years with the famous right-winger.

At the new Arsenal team, Willian will wear the number 12. In addition to the contract with a deadline as Willian wants, Arsenal also have to spend a huge salary and a large fee for this star, as well as Kia Joorabchian representative. According to the Daily Mail, the amount of money that the former Chelsea player receives at Emirates will be up to 220,000 pounds/week, just after Mesut Ozil (350,000 pounds/week).

Willian leaving Chelsea for Arsenal is the first blockbuster deal in the Premier League in the summer transfer window this year.

Sharing about new student Willian, Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta happily said: “I believe Willian is a player who can make a difference for Arsenal. We have been following him closely for the past few months. There is a clear plan to strengthen the attacker, namely the attacking midfield position as well as the wing.

"Bom tấn" đầu tiên của Ngoại hạng Anh: Willian chính thức sang Arsenal - 2

Willian is a versatile player that can play 3 or 4 different positions. Besides, he also has a wealth of experience. Wherever it is, Willian always shows his desire and willingness to dedicate everything to his club. I was very impressed after talking to him.”

With Ozil almost no future at the Emirates Stadium while Nicolas Pepe playing very unstable, Willian promises to be a valuable addition to Arsenal’s attack next season. At the end of the last season in Chelsea shirt, the Brazilian senior played 47 matches in all competitions, scoring 11 goals and having 9 assists.

Besides Willian, Arsenal is promoting the loan of Philippe Coutinho from the Barcelona team when Bayern Munich does not intend to buy the star after last season borrowed him from the home team of the Nou Camp.

MU – Chelsea top 4 welcomes more good news, enjoying privileges in the Premier League

MU, Man City and Chelsea are likely to start the new season 2020/21 much later than defending champions Premier League Liverpool for a special reason.

A few days ago, the organizing committee of the Premier League confirmed the new season.

Recently, the famous website Sky Sports has posted a remarkable information that MU, Man City, Chelsea and Wolverhampton are likely not to start their first match next season at least until the end of September 23. , 1 month after the Europa League and Champions League finals this season ended in Cologne (Germany) and Lisbon (Portugal).

All four English teams are still competing in the European Cup. Of these, only Chelsea (the team lost 0-3 at home to Bayern Munich in the first round of 1/8 Champions League) is almost “out of doors” to continue. As for MU, Man City and Wolves still have the opportunity to go deep, even conquer major titles in the old continent this season.

Man City won 2-1 in Spain as a Real Madrid guest in the first leg of the 1/8 Champions League . And in the first leg of the Europa League, MU battered LASK to 5 goals not removed right on Austria, while the “Wolves” Wolves also won 1-1 very beneficial results when marching to Greece to play Olympiakos.

This season’s Europa League final will take place on August 21 and two days later will be the Champions League final. In the case of MU, Wolves, Man City or Chelsea in the deciding matches of this European Cup throne, they will have at least 30 more days for the pillars to rest before entering the competition in the new season.

That will be great news for MU or Chelsea, who have just finished in the top 4 of the English Premier League season 2019/20 right in the final round.

A one-month break between the two seasons will also be a good opportunity for MU, Man City, Chelsea or Wolves to add new recruits and help these remarkable “contracts” have more time to integrate with “warm up” matches instead of immediately having to play official matches in the new season.

If Chelsea win Arsenal in the FA Cup final place at 23:30 on the upcoming 1/8 (Vietnam time) at Wembley, “The Blues” will win tickets to the 2020 Super Cup match against the new king of the Premier League – Liverpool (no set schedule yet). And Frank Lampard’s teachers and students may be playing the opening game of the new season in the Premier League even later.

According to the Mirror, the proposal that the teams of Manchester, Chelsea and Wolves join the Premier League in the 2020/21 season later than 16 other teams about 3-4 weeks later will be convened and decided by the Organizing Committee of this arena. scheduled for the upcoming 6 August.

Just like when the 2019/20 season is resumed after more than 3 months of break due to the Covid-19 epidemic, in the 2020/21 season, the English Premier League will maintain the rule that allows teams to have 5 substitution rights. each match and have 2 breaks of cooling water (cooling break) between periods to help players avoid being squeezed out and recover fitness.

What will happen to MU and Chelsea if Wolves win the Europa League?

The fate of MU and Chelsea will be like if Wolves win the Europa League is a problem that many football fans care about.

In early August, Wolves and other representatives of English football will return to the continental arena to kick the unfinished part. Particularly “Wolves”, after a 1-1 draw in the first leg, they will rematch Olympiakos in the second round of the Europa League round 1/8.

For many people, the fact that Wolves is still present in the knockout round of the prestigious second tournament in the club-age continent is quite unexpected. However, looking at the force that coach Nuno Espírito Santo has in hand, and how they knocked down Espanyol in the round of 16, it is not surprising that Wolves make a deal in this tournament.

Of course, if one can advance to the final and then crowned, coach Santo’s team will automatically win a place in the Champions League next season. This rule applies from the 2015/16 season. 

The question is raised by many, what will the fate of MU and Chelsea if Wolves win the Europa League? The answer is okay, “Red Devils” and the Blues will still be present in the Champions League next season despite UEFA giving a ticket to “Wolves”.

AC Milan giành vé dự Europa League mùa sau

According to the UEFA allocation, the Premier League has a maximum of 5 Champions League places in case one of their representatives wins the Europa League. Because Wolves are outside the Top 4, 4 tickets of Liverpool (champion), Man City (runner-up), MU (3rd) and Chelsea (4th) are not affected.

Three years ago, the Premier League also had five representatives to the Champions League after MU defeated Ajax in the 2016/17 Europa League final. That season, the “Red Devils” finished sixth in the Premier League. 

How can Arsenal make Tottenham lose interest in the European Cup?

Arsenal have lost to Tottenham in the recent north London derby but they can take revenge by helping their opponents lose their place in the European Cup.

Arsenal will face Chelsea in the FA Cup final and winning will guarantee Europa League qualification next season. This means that 5th and 6th places in the Premier League are also featured in the European Cup.

However, tickets to the European Cup are not for 7th place, where Tottenham are standing in the rankings.

If Chelsea win the FA Cup and make it to the top 4, the 7th place will be attending the Europa League. Of course, Mourinho’s teachers and students can still finish the season in 6th place, but they need Wolves to stumble.

There are three possible scenarios in the final matches that will see Tottenham take sixth place. The first is if Spurs beat Crystal Palace and Wolves draw Chelsea. Second, they won Palace and Wolves lost to Chelsea. In the end, Spurs drew Palace and Wolves lost to Chelsea.

But if Arsenal win the FA Cup and Tottenham finish the season in seventh place, Mikel Arteta and the students will cost their neighboring rivals about 40 million pounds due to not attending the European Cup.

Of course Arsenal need to win the FA Cup to reach the Europa League after they can only finish the Premier League season in the highest position is 8th with a defeat last night against Aston Villa.

6 scenarios for 6th place overall:

Tottenham won Palace, Wolves beat Chelsea = WOLVES

Tottenham win Palace, Wolves draw Chelsea = TOTTENHAM

Tottenham won Palace, Wolves lost to Chelsea = TOTTENHAM

Tottenham lost to Palace, Wolves beat Chelsea = WOLVES

Tottenham lost to Palace, Wolves drew Chelsea = WOLVES

Tottenham lost to Palace, Wolves lost to Chelsea = WOLVES

Tottenham drew Palace, Wolves beat Chelsea = WOLVES

Tottenham drew Palace, Wolves lost to Chelsea = TOTTENHAM

Tottenham draw Palace, Wolves draw Chelsea = WOLVES

Chelsea must sell 6 players to buy 4 expensive stars

Chelsea need to buy 3 more stars after having Ziyech, but they must also sell at least 6 players to make these costly expenses.

Chelsea paid £ 37 million to buy winger Hakim Ziyech from Ajax and now proceed to complete the transfer of Timo Werner from Leipzig for a fee of £ 53 million.

Coach Frank Lampard was also given the green light by the club’s management team for Leverkusen’s attacking midfielder Kai Havertz and Leicester full-back Ben Chilwell.

If you make all the contracts, the spending of the Blues in the summer can be up to nearly 250 million pounds. But this cost will be partially offset by the liquidation of surplus players.

Emerson Palmieri, Davide Zappacosta, Tiemoue Bakayoko, Michy Batshuay, Daniel Drinkwater, and Victor Moses all know that they are not in Lampard’s plan.

The player Chelsea can earn the most is Bakayoko, who spent the club 40 million pounds 3 years ago.

Bakayoko is earning £ 110,000 a week and can go to AC Milan on a permanent deal after having spent a season on loan here. Of course, the Blues have a significant discount for this midfielder.

Left-back Emerson is also likely to come to Italy while being the target of both Juventus and Inter Milan. However, selling right-back Zappacosta is more difficult when he is recovering from a long-term injury.

Similarly, the value of Drinkwater has dropped compared to when it was purchased from Leicester for £ 35 million. Chelsea certainly have to accept heavy losses to get rid of players who no longer have any role for the team.

In the strikers, Batshuayi is also on his way out as only an option after Werner, Tammy Abraham and Olivier Giroud.

In the case of Moses, Chelsea may have to reduce the price of 10 million pounds for Inter Milan to buy off as an option after a loan season.