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Revealing the secret behind Ronaldo’s impressive jumps

A Spanish sports doctor has revealed the secret of Cristiano Ronaldo’s impressive jumps to score spectacular aerial goals.

Cristiano Ronaldo made the fans extremely excited when he jumped to a height of 2.28 meters to hit his head against Roma at the weekend. But this achievement is still far below the 2.56-meter jump when Ronaldo rocked the Sampdoria net at the end of last year.

Thus, Juventus striker can jump up to 71 cm from the ground and hang himself in the air for almost 1 second to make head shots. But what is the secret to helping Ronaldo jump so high?

In 2014, when Ronaldo leaped a head over Levante defenders to score for Real Madrid, sports medicine doctor Jose Gonzalez analyzed the Portuguese forward’s high jump secret on ABC.

“High jumping skills can be improved through practice and Cristiano Ronaldo has done this with strength, flexibility and plyometric (advanced dance) exercises. These exercises help him explode in a short period of time to maximize his strength, speed and high jump ability.

“Specifically, you will have to do a lot of work on the glutes, hemi-membranes, semi-tendon muscles and biceps. All three muscle groups are located in the hind thigh. In addition, Ronaldo also has to practice the quadriceps in the front thigh and triceps in the arm. Those are the main muscle groups that influence the high jump, although the spinal muscles, the chest muscles and the shoulder muscles are also slightly involved.

In particular, Dr. Jose Gonzalez emphasized water training to increase muscle strength and Ronaldo is doing very well.

“Swimming and water training is great for muscle recovery and development. I have talked many times about players having to exercise in the water after training on the field and in the gym.

“This process helps relax and relax muscles. But the reality is that many players do not do this and the coaches do not ask them to do that.”

“They usually take a hot bath for 5 minutes and then take a cold bath for 3 minutes. But if the bath is scientifically correct, they have to repeat this many times ”.

Notably, in addition to the training period with Juventus, Ronaldo also built a gym, a swimming pool, a sauna and purchased recovery equipment to practice at home.