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2020 is a successful year for Man Utd

The statistics show that Man Utd is second only to Liverpool in terms of average points earned in the Premier League in 2020.

Since the day Sir Alex Ferguson retired and gave the field to his juniors, Man Utd has not been able to find the old glory. Despite pouring out a “mountain” of money and bringing in many outstanding military leaders, so far the Reds have not regained the position of a candidate to win the Premier League and the Champions League.

In this season, the instability of Man Utd’s form continues to be shown. The Old Trafford team played quite erratically in the Premier League and was eliminated from the Champions League from the group stage. This makes football experts predict many times that coach Ole Solskjaer’s chair will change hands before the new year of 2021. However, after all, the Norwegian military is still in place.

In fact, although Man Utd cannot succeed in competing for titles, 2020 is still a successful year for coach Solskjaer in the Premier League. Specifically, this year, Solsa and his students played a total of 33 matches in England’s No. 1 tournament and had 20 wins, 7 draws and only 6 defeats. As a result, Man Utd earned an average score of 2.03 points per game per game, just behind defending champions Liverpool with 2.31 points / game.

Solskjaer’s statistics are quite close to what Pep Guardiola does in Man City (with 20 wins). However, the average score that Green Man won is only 2.00 points. The unstable performance is the biggest reason why The Citizen was dethroned by Liverpool last season and is facing many disadvantages this season.

Fourth in this regard is Chelsea coach Frank Lampard. The British rulers have a winning rate of only 50% after 34 matches. Meanwhile, coach Mourinho ranked 6th on this parameter.