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MU feared because Pogba was seriously injured: Can he return to PSG in time?

Man United are very worried about the injury of star midfielder Paul Pogba. According to many sources, this injury is more complicated than originally predicted.

Manchester United are eagerly awaiting the return of Paul Pogba, at least on the bench, as the season is entering a tough and crucial season. The French star is out of play indefinitely because of a persistent ankle injury since the end of last season.

Pogba has missed two recent matches of Man United because of an ankle problem and according to Sportsmail, the current injury of the French star is more serious than in previous times. It is known that Pogba’s injury has lasted since the end of last season. Despite returning to play, the 27-year-old midfielder still hurts sometimes and relapses.

The 2018 World Cup champion has undergone surgery in January to completely resolve an ankle injury, but MU medical staff still recommends extreme caution in using Pogba.

Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer confirmed that his pupil had suffered an ankle inflammation in a complicated level, causing this player to be sidelined in recent years.

It is not excluded that MU will continue to lack Pogba in the confrontation with Southampton this weekend (9pm, November 29). Even the opportunity for Pogba to participate in the match against PSG next week (3pm, 3/12) is also open due to the relatively slow recovery of this star.

Coach Solskjaer is gradually getting used to arranging a squad without Pogba. The Norwegian strategist is confident that MU will maintain his strength despite not having the service of the French midfielder. Pogba caused controversy when he said that he was more inspired to play when he focused on France, which this player did not have at MU.

However, the level of the former Juventus star is still unquestionable and MU still hopes that one day, Pogba will be revived to help “Red Devils” realize his ambitions.

What will the squad be like if Saul Niguez is recruited?

MU have contacted Saul Niguez as a top transfer target this summer. If successful, Solskjaer coach can be classified into 3 different options.

Saul with diagrams 4-3-3

MU has operated this diagram regularly since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took over and it’s easy to understand why Saul will be given a position in that system.

Atletico Madrid midfielder will then play the role of a left midfielder, becoming an ideal element to cooperate with Paul Pogba, while Bruno Fernandes is free to play more attacking.

Saul will need to perform a lot of defensive work if deployed in such a scheme, especially when this squad is too prone to attack.

Saul with a 4-4-2 diagram

Solskjaer has had a lot of experience with this scheme since he was playing under Sir Alex Ferguson. So, he can test it out for himself if he has an outstanding right-winger in the summer.

MU currently has many options on the left of midfield, but it’s fair to say that no one else has the quality defensive ability like Saul.

At Atletico Madrid, coach Diego Simeone frequently uses this squad in major European Cup matches with Saul deployed on the left. It seems to be a suitable choice for MU when meeting strong opponents.

Saul with diagrams 3-5-2 

This is a scheme that Solskjaer often likes to switch to during difficult matches and it is also suitable for Saul.

The Spanish midfielder’s flexibility helps him transform into a left-winger or move into play as a central midfielder.

With one more center-back in the squad, Saul will reduce his defensive responsibilities in midfield. Therefore, this scheme may suit you best out of the 3 options on the squad.