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Helping Real squeeze the narrow door, Zidane opens his mind to the future

After helping the Spanish Royal team reach the eighth round in the final game, the French rulers had to share his future implications.

Real Madrid is one of the names that leaves a lot of disappointment with people who watch football live in the Champions League group stage this season. Los Blancos received two defeats against much underrated opponent Shakhtar Donetsk in both matches. This makes them have no choice but to win all 3 points against Mochengladbach in the morning match this morning to be able to win tickets to the next round. Luckily, Ramos and his teammates accomplished that goal.

In addition to having a place to play in the eighth round, Real Madrid also won first place in Group B because Shakhtar Donetsk got only 1 point in the match at Inter Milan. With this ticket, it is possible that the pressure on coach Zidane over the past time will be reduced somewhat. Before that, there was a lot of speculation about his chair after Real Madrid repeatedly brought undesirable results.

After the match with Mochengladbach, quite a lot of fans evaluated “Zidane’s time was back” and believed that he could completely make a dynasty like Sir Alex Ferguson had built at Man Utd. However, Zidane surprised the audience of the football live by implicitly hinting that he would not stay at the Bernabeu for too long.

Specifically, in the post-match press conference, Coach Zidane said:

“One thing is for sure, I will never be Real Madrid’s Sir Alex. I don’t even know how long I can stay at this job, I haven’t thought about it yet. What makes me happy is to live and work at this club and everyone still believes in me even in the toughest of times”.

This weekend, Real Madrid will have a very important match in La Liga. It was the Madrid match against the neighbor Atletico Madrid. Currently Atletico is the leading team in La Liga this season with 26 points, 6 points more than Real and still 1 game in hand.